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Free Quick Skim Reviews! No asterisk!

Photoexcitation is a new company. We want to get the word out about our grant and application review services to the physical science community -- especially planetary scientists, astronomers, and exoplanet researchers. We decided to launch our marketing with a service project: free reviews, no obligations.

Using the coupon code FREEALPHA, you can set up a free Quick Skim Review, normally $25. We truly feel that these reviews will be a service to the community, as many will be able to receive free third-party advice on grant proposals and job applications. You are welcome to spread the word to others who would find Photoexcitation useful.

*Without the asterisk!

These really are free reviews with no asterisk to indicate fine print. We won't keep your email and you don't have to sign up for a list. You don't have to buy any other service now or ever. You are encouraged, but not required to leave a rating and feedback. The main limitation to note would be that we'd want to talk if you wanted more than two free reviews.

This is a limited time offer... we'll amend this post when free no-obligation Quick Skim Reviews are no longer available. Until then, we hope you (or your contacts) can take advantage of some free support as you pursue grants and job applications. We hope to excite you to the next level!

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