Photoexcitation provides three levels of reviews for both grant proposals and job applications: Quick Skim Reviews, Full Reviews, and Detailed Reviews.

Quick Skim Reviews 

Our Quick Skim Review service is a brief high-level brief look at your proposal (ideally a Step 1 proposal, a summary, or an outline) or application (cover letter or CV or summary). We'll provide 3 pieces of feedback each 2-3 sentences such as potential strengths or weaknesses, areas to clarify, or papers to cite. Our goal is to respond in a few hours, especially during the work week. In order to get the word out about Photoexcitation and to support the community, we are currently providing free Quick Skim Reviews by using the coupon code FREEALPHA. Quick Skim Reviews are ideal early in the proposal development process. 

Full Reviews

Full Reviews result in 1-2 pages of actionable feedback based on reading your entire proposal or application. We will identify major strengths and weaknesses; highlight areas of the proposal that need the most work; and provide advice for improving the proposal or application. It is comparable to a typical grant review panel, but with more and broader feedback. Our goal is to complete this review in less than one business day. After receiving our feedback, we're happy to answer questions or review another draft at the level similar to a Quick Skim Review. Full Reviews are ideal anywhere between and first and final draft. 

Detailed Reviews

Detailed Reviews are an in-depth review that provides specific commentary and suggestions line-by-line throughout your proposal as well as a 3-page overarching review. We'll emphasize high-level issues and provide specific feedback on how these can be addressed. We will also pepper your proposal or application with suggested clarifications, typo corrections, formatting concerns, and figure ideas. After receiving our feedback, we're happy to answer questions or review another draft at the level similar to a Full Review. The depth of these reviews require 2-3 business days to complete. Detailed Reviews are ideal at the near-final draft stage, but you may request feedback at any point. 

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Unmatched Support

Photoexcitation goes beyond other reviewing services by using domain experts to provide grant, application, and other reviews. Currently, our review staff at Photoexcitation is active in the planetary science, astrophysics, and exoplanet communities. These "Domain-Expert" reviews provide outstanding support to scientists in these fields. Don't need domain expertise? You can still choose the lower cost "Domain-Savvy" Reviews.


Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Scientists Supporting Scientists

Our reviewers are experts in writing compelling grants and persuasive job applications. We understand scientists and their goals. To support you, Photoexcitation offers "Domain-Savvy" reviews to scientists across the spectrum of physical sciences such as physics, statistics, data science, chemistry, mathematics, geology, science education, and more. Any questions? Ask us.



Photoexcitaiton provides Quick Skim Reviews, Full Reviews, or Detailed Reviews of grants at any stage of development from first to final draft. Planetary scientists, astronomers, and exoplanet researchers should request a Domain-Expert review where you'll have experienced colleagues act as a pre-review panel to provide valuable feedback fast. Reviews are priced for NASA and NSF Research and Analysis grant proposals (15 pages), but we have experience with telescope proposals, Mission proposals, other multi-institution proposals, and more. Other physical scientists (or astronomers) will benefit from a Domain-Savvy Full or Detailed Review by our grant-writing experts.



Photoexcitation provides three levels of Job Application Reviews: Quick Skim Reviews, Full Review, and Detailed Review. Full and Detailed Reviews go over the entire application package whether an unfinished outline or the template for multiple applications, or a final draft for a specific position. Our focus and experience is in academic jobs, such as graduate school applications, postdoctoral fellowships, and faculty positions at a variety of institutions. We also offer general career consulting, so reach out if you want personalized support. In astronomy-related areas where we are Domain Experts, we'll give you our candid objective estimate of your chances for success. 



Photoexcitation is able to provide a variety of other services upon request. These include tenure reviews, mission proposals, paper reviews, research plan brainstorming, research mentoring, reviewing your research mentoring, syllabus/curriculum reviews, textbook reviews, and general scientific consulting in fields related to planetary and exoplanetary science, astronomy, applied statistics, and computational data analysis. Our review staff has experience and expertise in each of these areas. Contact us to see how we can help you.



Once you've decided what kind of review you want (and contact us if you want something more specialized), go ahead and purchase one here on our website! Your purchase will initiate some back and forth of information, but you may use the "Add a Note" feature to give some initial guidance. Purchasing currently may require using a phone number, but all correspondence will be through email, so you may enter 123-456-7890.

We believe that our services are often reasonable to charge to your institution. If your institution requires an invoice before you purchase, just let us know

Detailed instructions will be provided in the digital download that you receive upon purchase. Concerned about disclosure, conflict-of-interest, or security? We are too and feel that we exceed the standards used by government agencies and hiring committees.  



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